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NZ Championship

Van der Hoorn has lost his lead. On the top board, International Master Anthony Ker has caught up on the former leader, having won his last three games. Ker now has four points out of five games to Van der Hoorn's three and a half.

National Master Bruce Anderson had to face Hilton Bennett, who has been in good form in this tournament. Bennett, with three points out of four, had his unbeaten luck run out when facing the experienced and former NZ Champion. Bruce Anderson is now is first equal position with IM Ker.

The defending NZ Chess Champion Scott Wastney and the German Martin Haag each had wins.

The tough to beat Nic Croad lost to Graeme Spain in a beautiful and subtle combination; Giles lost to the Australian Brian Jones.

At the bottom of the table, John Sutherland from Otago was able to finish off Piotr Litwak from Poland in a game that went into time trouble.

NZ Major Open

Michael Turner of Wellington is continuing with his perfect score. Nick Cummings of Canterbury is close behind with 4.5/5.

Arie Nijman, a player who was leading the tournament with Turner, is now leading Grade 1 and is in 5th= place overall.

Brendan Reedy, and unrated player who is showing some guts, has taken the lead in the Grade 2 division. A healthy provisional rating is expected for him if he keeps his form.

Marciej Wojnar, a much improved player in the last two years, is the highest placed junior in the NZ Major Open so far, in 9th equal position overall.

Results and Pairings: