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Round 4 is perhaps more known for its events rather than for its chess. First, a band rehearsal interrupted play for 20 minutes at 4:00 p.m. Second, it saw the disgraceful behaviour of FM Robert Smith which led to his expulsion from the 109th NZ Chess Congress. FM Robert Smith appealed the decision and the Committee of Appeal decided that the expulsion would stand if he did not meet the conditional requirements as laid down by them.

The conditions were that Mr Smith had to make a public apology to all chessplayers and officials in the 109th NZ Chess Congress for his inappropriate actions and behaviour which occurred during and after his Round 4 game. The apology must name the individuals involved and be shown and agreed to by the Appeals Committee before the commencement of Round 5.

The public apology had to be made by Robert Smith in the playing area, immediately prior to the commencement of Round 5.

A formal written apology had to be given to Smith's opponent, and to all officials involved for his inappropriate actions and behaviour. This apology was to be made as soon as possible.

As for the chess, Mark Van der Hoorn continues to lead the 109th NZ Championship and Michael Turner continues to lead the NZ Major Open.

Results and Pairings: