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Congress Report Round 1

Opening Ceremony

The Players Meeting was officially opened by the Hon. Jim Anderton. The acting Prime
Minister, a chess player himself, played a short chess game with Canterbury President, Craig
Hall. Hall won the match. One Network News and the Press newspaper journalists were

The acting Prime minister made reference to chess becoming recognised as a sport in New
Zealand, and supports NZ chess in this endeavour, not only of the game of chess itself, but
support for New Zealand as a nation that could see chess become a sport at the Summer
Olympics in the near future. The NZ Government recognises the decision of the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) who have recognised Chess to be a sport.

Anderton related chess to politics, the difference in politics being that you know who your
opponent is! He understood chess not only to be a test of mental and emotional stamina, but
also physical (hence, the requirement to be physically fit).

It would be interesting to see the development of chess and its view to becoming a sport and
gaining support in New Zealand.

NZ Championship

The top four seeds all lost points. IM Dive drew with CM Spain in a sub seven hour epic, IM
Ker drew with CM Dowden, FM Garbett lost to NM* Anderson, and Croad defeated a
jet-lagged Haag (Germany). Perhaps the most notable achievement on the top four boards
went to Anderson's win over Garbett.

Bennett did well to draw with Jones of Australia. Sutherland was in time-trouble against Smith
before Smith secured the full point. McNabb did well to defeat McLaren; McLaren's time
trouble was of no importance. In a technical game, Van der Hoorn managed to gain a tempo to
win a tight game against Litwak of Poland.

NZ Major Open

All games went according to seeding, except for the bottom board, Board #17. Ngawati
Heremaia, having only learnt chess 10 weeks ago, was able to defeat Don Stracy of
Wellington, a NZCF 1697 rated chess player. Brendan Reedy had the bye.

Results and Pairings: