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109th NZ National Chess Congress
28th December 2001 - 11th January 2002
(as at 25th January 2002)
The remaining congress reports are now online.
NZ Rapid Championship final standings are now online.
NZ Lightning tournament starts 6th January 2002 at 9:30 a.m.
We are experiencing Internet Connection problems at the Venue. I hope this is corrected in the near future so that we can bring you information regarding the National Congress sooner.
P a R t Y !! MERRY CHRISTMAS! P a R t Y !!
24th December: NZ Championship and Major Open crosstables were updated today.

NZCF ratings are to be used to seed the 109th NZ Championship. This is more accurate, since FIDE ratings are largely based on overseas games.

Players Meeting will begin at 12 noon, 28th December 2001, at the Millennium Hotel.

The 109th NZ Championship IS NOW a Swiss paired tournament. Should fewer than 18 entries be received, players from the NZ Major Open will be invited, in order of rating, to the NZ Championship.
At 1:00 p.m. Friday 7th December 2001, IM Vernon Small FIDE 2335 chose to withdraw from the 109th NZ Chess Championship. A third IM is now required to offer an IM Norm.
NZCF November rating list is out - see the Major Open crosstable for the changes.
3rd December 2001: The 109th NZ Championship will offer an IM Norm. The top 11 players average 2272.
Entries into the NZ Championship or the NZ Open will be accepted until 11:30 a.m. 28th December 2001.

View the new crosstable (championship), crosstable (major open) and top board pages

(as the entries come on in).

Get the new Accommodation Update file.
Reminder! The preliminary closing date for the NZ Championship and the NZ Open is 30 November, so get your entries in soon! After that, there is a 20% surcharge.
I will be unavailable to update this website from 26th November to 3rd December 2001.
Inquiries this week: FM Daniel Hristodorescu (Romania), GM Peter Szekely (Hungary), IM Pal Kiss (Hungary), GM Victor Mikhalevski (Israel), Piotr Litwak (Poland), Allison Ely (USA).
Warner's Hotel (after renovations) - have increased their accommodation to $45 room/night for single, double ($22.50 pp/night), or triple ($15 pp/night).
The Ministry of Economic Development (Wellington) have declined our application for Sponsorship. This means that we are unable to bring GM Alexander Volzhin (Russia) to NZ.
The Stonehurst Motel is completely booked out! Try Warner's Hotel, 50 Cathedral Square, Christchurch - (03) 3770-550

Those who do not have an entry form, please contact me ASAP.


Further Sponsorship is hoped for later this week.
Martin Haag 2317 (Germany) has entered the 109th NZ Championship.
Book Early for Accommodation! We don't want you to miss out!
Jim Anderton has agreed to attend the Prizegiving Ceremony.
Tournament Programmes were posted to each NZ Chess Club on 28th September 2001.
Chief Arbiter: IA Leon Muys (Netherlands)
The NZCF Council have decided that the two (2) best placed New Zealanders in the 109th NZ Championships will be automatic selections for next year's Olympiad team.
Australian chess players are welcome to play in the NZ Championship, provided their FIDE rating is 2100 or higher.
The NZ Championship has had inquiries from IM Sergei Kasparov (Belarus), GM Alexander Volzhin (Russia), GM Artur Kogan (Israel), GM Dima Tyomkin (Israel), GM Nenad Sulava (Croatia), GM Alex Wojtkiewicz (Poland), GM Alexander Fominyh (Russia), IM Vladimir Feldman and IM Berezina-Feldman (Australia), NM Adrian Lloyd, former NZ Champion (Australia), IM Oleg Gladyshev (Russia), GM Azer Mirzoev (Azerbaijan), IM Rasul Ibrahimov (Azerbaijan), GM Sergei Ovsejevitsch (Ukraine), IM Yuri Solodovnichenko (Ukraine).
Hon. Jim Anderton, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand in the Labour / Alliance Coalition Government, will officially open the 109th NZ Chess Congress event.
Estimated Prize Fund: $8,000 (minimum).
Congress Programme is now available for download.